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Aminowill Quality

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Quality is the life of Aminowill! Our company has established a thorough quality management system according to GMP and ISO.

The quality policy of Aminowill: High quality amino acids for human health!

In our modern multi-purpose facilities we produce various amino acids of pharmaceutical quality. The qualification of our equipment according to current GMP guidelines and the validation of the production processes secure that our customers always receive pharmaceutical products of high purity and effectiveness. The quality of our products meet with CP/EP/AJI/USP/FCC specifications.

Our laboratory has the whole range of chemical, physical and microbiological methods of analysis. A continuous check and inspections examine not only the finished products, but also intermediate products, auxiliary products and processing aids as well as packing material.

We gladly help you with the documents required for the registration of your pharmaceutical products, the correct interpretation of information in questionnaires and the provision of all necessary documents. Aminowill is compiling Drug Master Files now, and plan to apply for CEP certificate in 2018.


Aminowill quality history:

2002 to now: Passed Chinese GMP certification every five years.

2002 to now: Got API registration number of total 14 kinds amino acids.

2006 to now: passed KOSHER certification every year.

2012 to now: passed ISO9001&22000 certifications ( certificated by SGS ) every year.

2012 to now: passed HALAL certification every year.

2014: passed US FDA onsite inspection with zero defert.

Ensuring all the raw materials introduced in the production are approved halal by LPPOM MUI.

Ensuring all the production systems are clean enough and free from non-halal.

Ensuring all the finished goods manufactured for Moslem consumers are certified halal by LPPOM MUI.

We also committed to adapt principle of continual improvements in the implementation of HAS.

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